Monday, April 12, 2010

Maldivian Atheists worried because Dr Zakir is coming to Maldives

It seems that the so called fake Atheists of Maldives are very worried about the planned visit of Dr Zakir Naik to Maldives. Dr Zakir is a prominent Islamic Dhaaee operating from India. As a founder of Islamic Research Foundation, he has become popular as 'a man of peace" because of his mission Peace Tv. Peace Tv is an international channel formed for the propagation of the true message of islam.

Dr Zakir Naik,a master mind, with the incredible memory Allah has bestoed upon him, sacrifices all of this time in the cause of Allah, propagation of the true islam. Atheist hate him because he has helped many atheists to discover Islam. And He is a great hero who argues with atheists, all the time proving their false illogical claims and winning over them. Read More

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