Sunday, April 18, 2010

Islam is always ready for...

I think the best thing to do for those that doubt Dr.Zakir Naik is to question him during his Question and Answers session while he is in Maldives. Then test his knowledge in Islam if you like. Ask him about anything from the Quran and let him answer your question and quote you verses supporting his answers and also giving you the full detailed reference of each of the verse. He has memorized the Quran and its translation by heart just as he has memorized all the other religious scriptures because without knowing the facts, no one should really go around preaching. Hence unlike many that gives negative comments about Islam while having no knowledge about it.

Allah (swt) gifts people in different ways. Yes he could have gone working as a Doctor and made a good living, yet he decided to dedicate his life to the path of Allah, converting many to Muslims all over the world. Wonder how many people any of us have converted with our words? So whose words are better and gets more rewards?

Islam is always ready for questions from critics. So we welcome critics to ask any question they like to Dr.Zakir Naik. Ofcourse try to keep the question as simple and direct as possible so that he can give you the answer for the exact question your asking for.

I think being able to question the speaker is a great thing since we are not even able to question our Ministers in this way after a speech. During maumoon days, anyone who has a question against Maumoon would have been put to prison. Yet this Dr.Zakir Naik welcomes questions be it negative or positive as long as he is given a chance to also reply. -fini-ashi

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  1. Masha Allah! A great person indeeed!! May Allah keep him steadfast on the right path! And may He grant him Jannat Al Firdaws! Ameen!!!