Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Water mining' is now a prime culprit for raising sea levels

Nowhere in the Maldives juts more than 10 feet above the Indian Ocean, making it extremely worried about sea level rise. Its president, Mohamed Nasheed, illustrated the point by holding a cabinet meeting under water in the run-up to last year's Copenhagen summit.

But a new study shows that global warming is not the only cause of swelling seas. Much comes from "water mining" – the pumping of vast amounts of groundwater from beneath the earth, mainly to irrigate crops. This inevitably ends up in the oceans after it evaporates from farmland and comes down as rain. READ MORE

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  1. there are so many studies which concludes global warming as a highly exaggerated phenomenon ...
    now there is another thing to keep us worried as hell ...
    the fear mongers are never gonna let go are they ???