Friday, October 29, 2010

Bodyguard claims he's father of Michael Jackson's son

MICHAEL Jackson's former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, believes he is the father of the late singer's son, Prince Michael II Blanket - but he is waiting for final confirmation before going public.

The martial arts expert acknowledged yesterday that he had donated sperm to Jackson because the singer feared being killed on stage.

Mr Fiddes, 32, who is in Australia to promote his fitness centre business in Brisbane, hinted the paternity issue had been solved.

"It has been crazy," he said.

"I knew (the news) would break eventually because (paternity) has been mentioned in court documents and people have known for a while, but no one was game to print it.

"There is an incredible resemblance between me and him.

"We knew the story would break but not on the day I was due to fly out to Australia, which was why my trip here was delayed."
Fiddes was part of Jackson's inner circle before the singer died he has now been cut off by the Jackson family.

"When I met Michael Jackson he was fearful of being assassinated on stage and he said to me that if anything happened to him to make sure his kids were OK and looked after," he said.

"But I've been shut out of the children's lives for the past year - there is a reason for that but one I can't talk about.

"It has been hard. But I will talk [more generally] about the whole process and where I go from here, and how it has changed my life - because I want to shut the door on it," he said.

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