Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bloomsbury Books Brings Authors from Around the World to Qatar's Museum of Islamic Art

Bloomsbury Books, in conjunction with Qatar Museums Authority, has invited a group of renowned international authors to participate in a roundtable discussion at the Museum of Islamic Art (pictured).

The event will take place on Sunday at the museum's auditorium from 6-8pm.

The roundtable discussion will be moderated by internationally renowned Egyptian writer Ahdaf Soueif and authors will talk about what inspires them in their work.

Participating authors represent several countries and come from a variety of backgrounds. Among them: Radwa Ashour (Egypt); Adam Foulds (United Kingdom); Philip Hensher (United Kingdom); Sonia Jabbar (India); Jamal Mahjoub (Sudan); Nasser Rabat (Syria/USA); Yousef Rakha (Egypt); Kamila Shamsie (Pakistan) and Ghassan Zaqtan (Palestine).

Each of these authors among others has visited the Museum of Islamic over the past month and has been inspired by an object to write a story.

A collection of these stories will be combined in a book which will be published by Bloomsbury next year. ISLAMTODAY

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