Friday, March 19, 2010

What do they mean by the word diversity?

What do they mean by the word diversity?
muslim dhivesseh

“embrace diversity
end discrimination”
What do they mean by the word diversity? we have only one ethnicity one religion, one language and we all support heterosexual marriage, hence there is no room in Maldives for diversity on the grounds of religion , ethnicity, language, or sexual orientation. this is a fact HRC of Maldives should learn.
please visit this HRCM web page and you will find this message


  1. Huri hithaamaegge bodukamaa eve. Raajjeyge mikiyaa muassassaa thakuge is veringe gothugai ves mithibee thandhoru neyn'gey jaahilun thoa eve?. Islaam dheen neyn'gey iru hama budhdhi ves neiy baeh hen heeve eve. E kiyaa "human rights" akee ghairu dheenee fikuru heyyeve. Thiya komishanakee raajjeyge ahlunnah thiya kiyaa echcheh hoadhaa dhinumuge badhalugai ehen "ejendaa eh" hingan ulhey baeh hen heeve eve. Avahah ekan thah'qeequ koh kamuge hageegah hoadhaa fiyavalhu elhumah kamaa "behey" faraaiy thakah ilthimaasu kurameve. Raiyyithunge dheenee aqeedhaa halaakuvanee thiya fadha museebaaiy thakuge sababun noon thoa eve?

  2. Biodiversity ge kanthah balahattan "Enimal Rights Kamission" ge namugai ithuru muassassaa eh ufedhdhun kihiheh vaanethoaeve? Eyrun biodiversity himaayah kureveyne noonthoaeve.

  3. Ethnicity:
    What about maldivians marrying people from other countries and settling here? Will it not affect ethnicity? Already we have this self styled "hatharu kashimathi male' beyfulhun" or something like that. Yes its not ethnically different, but the idea is the same.

    There already are people who r not muslims and ppl who don't believe in any religion at all. That is the reality. We can either kill/banish them, or we embrace them.

    If someone wants to live speaking non-dhivehi language, why not? Should it be mandated that they speak dhivehi?

    Homosexuality is very common in maldives from the old times too. Its just that it is taboo. As for marriage, it is a religious thing and i dont think major relgions support same-sex marriage. That said, they can live together if they want.

  4. Hello, you should know that Maldivians are not racially homogeneous. Language vice we are speaking the language of the dominant race who came here. Yest let us accept biodiversity Maldivians should marry Muslims across the world be it from Pakistan, India, any European country when they migrate let us accept them into the fold of the Dhivehi society. Xenophobia we do not want that now do we.
    Wallahi!! try to use the intelligence god gave you.

  5. It is so ironic that HRCM is making a statement like this when blatant discrimination is occuring in the country, and they are doing nothing about it!
    No, we have diversity in language (think of all the dialects), religion (we are not 100% muslim) and ethnicity (socially constructed divisions exist). Even you, Siru, will have to agree with this statement. Even if we go along with the government-approved version of Maldivian homogeneity, we have over 100,000 migrant workers in our country (if we count irregular migrants). It is the duty of HRCM to protect their rights as well. Siru, in all honesty, do we not discriminate against them and within them???