Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maldivian evolutionists corrupting our students in the name of Science

Maldives Science Society corrupting our students in the name of Science

One important highlight of the presentation was the explanation on how mantas evolved from sharks millions of years ago. ...more


  1. Evolution neither proves nor disproves the existence of Allah.

    We Muslims should be open in the field of science to discover broaden our horizons, advance as a community to prosper in the way if Islam.

  2. They're educating our students buddy. If you think 'education' is the same thing as 'corrupting' then you should join a basic semantics class. You preach the virtue of seeking knowledge and yet you don't know the veracity of evolution _ it's a crying shame! It's time you came to grips with reality. Whether you like it or not evolution is a fact and is indeed one of the crowning achievements of the human intellect. Evolution's here to stay and it'll be with us long after you're gone buddy.

  3. After whose approval? You must be joking!