Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The extremist online Newspaper, Minivan News - comments on maldivian blogs

The extremist online Newspaper, Minivan News
By - Anonymous -

Hilath Rasheed has been writing against the tenets of Islam. He is a notorious Islamophobe among the Maldivian Bloggers. He is not a journalist at present. Nor DeeO Sappe. Are they?It is clear how unbiased you are, when you fail to recognize innumerable anti-Islamic contents that these individuals write in their blogs.It is also questionable on your neutrality, when you fail to observe death threats against Muslims who voice against the extremist atheists among Maldives. Shadowrunner has written numerous death threats, beheadings, annihilation, a Holocaust against the Muslims in his blog.Every Maldivian knows there is no connection between the empty death threats against the radical Islamophobes & the attack against DhiTV & Haveeru staff. Trying to connect them again raises your code of ethics. If there is a connection then these threats have no connection with fanatics. It is by the drug lords & gangsters who does not have an iota of Islamness among them.The extremist online Newspaper, Minivan News, is making a mountain of the anonymous empty threat against the extremist Hilath


  1. One does not have to be employed by a media organisation or company to become a journalist. It shows that you are not well-versed in the terminology. Hilath is a symbol for every journalist in the country.

    Despite the fact that Hilath has refused from being employed by any media, he has cracked issues that the mainstream media of the country is unable to reveal!

  2. yes you are right a threat is a threat. But when a person becomes critical of another's creed one does not have the right to issue death threats either.

    Maldivians has been in the fold of civilization for more than 2500 years. Why cant we be civilized criticism and dialogue should be welcomed. And politeness is something we should all embrace. If this continues, i mean the gangs and fanatical religious zealots, Maldivians would be armed to the teeth ready to retaliate, "ledi ledi" style.

    It is said that in a barbarian society one barbarian would be much polite to another, because he knows the outcome of not being polite will lead to an unnecessary life or death situation.

    Which path should be choose, should be become like the bushmen of Africa, or intellectuals of a civilized society.