Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Adhaalath Party ( Phallus Party )" - Aishath Aniya

Aishath Aniya -Now I know... all these social and disciplinary problems in Maldives is because we have male and female mixed islands, mixed government and private organizations, mixed political parties, etc... Adalath could lead by making the party male-only and calling it "Phallus Party"
Juway Ibra: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa killing me...
Jadulla Jameel: Aniya.Is it Social,Political,Economical or Developmental realization or enlightenment?
Ahmed Omar: perhaps in an Arabized system.. the party need to be changed to 'Hizb' followed by 'al..' something
Mikko Mickail: ahhahaa....sounds so gay to me! ewwww! lol
Shaheeda Fathimath: What would Freud call such a party? :-))))))))))
Hassan Ziyau: ‎- LOL
Aishath Naseer: so if the Phallus Party comes to power then the Opposition will be the Ladies Only Party.....i think i love the idea....
Shareef Mohamed: Aniya, Phallus Party is good but if need to be toned down, it can be Phallustine Party.
Badr Naseem: Giggling ............ :D

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