Sunday, September 16, 2012

What a view! Shock as visitors using restrooms on 18th floor of swanky Manhattan hotel are visible from the street

Visitors using the restrooms on the 18th floor of an exclusive New York hotel may get a fantastic view through floor-to-ceiling windows - but passersby can't say the same. Bathroom users at the Boom Boom Room club at the swanky Standard Hotel in Manhattan are entirely visible to people on the street thanks to the 10-foot windows lining the walls. And it's a discovery that has alarmed some unaware toilet-goers as there is no warning sign that their bare behinds will be seen In 2009 people walking along the High Line park were treated to free peep shows from guests - including couples having sex and porn films being recorded - in the rooms above. One shopworker in the area said she saw 'a naked girl jumping up and down on a trampoline right in front of the window', while others were shocked to see men pleasuring themselves. In 2008, the hotel won an award from the Municipal Arts Society of New York for best new building erected that year.

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