Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lib Dem minister Lynne Featherstone blames domestic violence on topless Page 3 photos

Topless pictures in tabloid newspapers should be banned because they fuel domestic violence, a senior Lib Dem minister claimed today. Lynne Featherstone, the party’s most senior female MP in government, is backing a ban on Page 3 claiming it has it had a ‘deleterious effect’ on women. She conceded that should would be dismissed as ‘sour-faced’ but insisted the newspaper feature could not be justified as ‘harmless’ fun. But she said the sight of topless models in newspapers was part of a culture of the sexualisation of women which influences public attitudes and domestic abuse. Risking a backlash from tabloid readers, the international development minister said: ‘There is a real argument about what is OK in the public space.Read more:

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