Monday, November 8, 2010

Extremism as a threat to democracy

Translated by
His Majesty King Chris Abdul-Wahhab ( Maldives Royal Family )
“Let me tell you! In the Religion there are two types of extremism. One type comes from the observance of the Religion; and the other type involves failing to observe the Religion. We never hear about extremism that involves failure to observe the Religion. We always hear of extremism that involves the observance of the Religion.

“Recently a Maldive woman representing herself as a Maldive Muslim has been uttering shameful words of the latter type and has publicised that in the media. She is a woman ambassador. While this shameless woman goes about licking the soles of European infidels, trying to please them, she does not so much as cover-up her nudity as Muslim women are ordered to do by the honourable Allah. As she runs around naked in front of all the humans in the world, auctioning her nudity, this shameless woman said that the biggest threat facing the Maldives today is the issue of ‘extremists’.”

“Listen you shameless woman, let me tell you something very confidently. If there were extremists in this nation, your mob will no longer be breathing into this world.”

“Wouldn’t one be amazed? While going about in the nude, does this woman think she is civilised when she does her hair in a genie’s hairdo? Look, if becoming a civilised person involves being unable to tell one’s creator or the difference between night and day, we don’t want this type of civilisation. Let me tell you, there isn’t a group of people in this world more handicapped than your ilk. When people like you talk about other people’s alleged extremism don’t you ask yourself the question whether or not your brain sits outside your head? If scatter-brained ignoramuses who are unable to tell what is Islam or faith go around talking like this we must confiscate their passports and deport this mob from the Maldives.”

“The most amazing thing is that while this woman is the daughter of an impoverished Maldive couple who only eat tuna, she appears to have forgotten her lowly status.”

“Does she know that she will never become a White person, no matter how hard she tries and even if she colours over her black hair in order to be like White people? “

“Do you think by spending so much time with European men who don’t clean after they have defecated, you will become a European? You are just a full Maldivian.”

“Amazing! These people think that there are no civilised races other than Europeans who are freckled as a result of eating pork. They feel that they will achieve progress by pleasing those Europeans. Let me tell you, you are hypocrites who worship infidels who are filthy with faeces.”

Farah Faizal :thanks Chris..I am surprised that this time they didn't threaten to stone me like they did last time.

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