Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Caerphilly music teacher 'showered with pupils'

A woman teacher shared a shower with some of her girl pupils and sent one of them more than 1,100 texts, a disciplinary tribunal has heard.

Debbie Lloyd-Jones, head of music at Oakdale comprehensive in Caerphilly county, denies having inappropriate relationships with girls aged 13 to 16.

Huw Roberts, presenting the case against her, said there was "no suggestion of sexual connotations".

The General Teaching Council for Wales hearing in Cardiff continues.

The hearing was told Mrs Lloyd-Jones bought teddy bears, perfume and jewellery for girl pupils at her school.

She is accused of sending the two teenage girls messages by text and online saying that she loved them.

The disciplinary panel was told she shared a shower with some of her pupils after school musical show.

Huw Roberts, presenting the case against her, said: "Mrs Lloyd-Jones showered and involved in inappropriate behaviour while pupils used the showers.

"There may have been some horseplay and they splashed each other with cold water. There is no suggestion of sexual connotations."

The tribunal was told she could have used separate staff shower cubicles but chose to wash in the girls' showers.

The hearing was told Mrs Lloyd-Jones bought presents for two girls, named as Pupils A and B.

Mr Roberts said: "She asked the pupils to conceal these gifts from their parents."


Her former headteacher Chris David said the allegations emerged after the girls' parents raised their fears about the relationship.

He said: "The parents said gifts of teddy bears and key rings were given during a theatre trip.

"Pupil B was also given a £20 note to use on a mobile phone top-up.

"To deliberately give a gift to pupils is very wrong. One member of staff told me she was concerned with Mrs Lloyd-Jones being over-friendly to a small group of girls."

The hearing in Cardiff was told of text messages from Mrs Lloyd-Jones saying: "I love you" and "I love you lots" to the two girls.

Between March and May 2007, Mrs Lloyd-Jones sent Pupil B 1,124 text messages, 25 picture messages and 44 phone calls. BBC

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