Friday, April 29, 2011

Breakup in marriage? Blame it on social networking sites

Facebook sometimes also contributes to the dissolutions of marriages. Occasionally, husbands use the website for adventures: to make friendships with members of the opposite gender. This doesn’t always remain unnoticed by their wives, who then start spying on them. They refuse to let their husbands add any female friends to their friends’ list.

Some wives discover that their husbands are having a good time making friendships with other women and lie about their social status. This leads to extreme situations, in which they ban their husbands from Facebook. Others make fake accounts and add their husband, so that they can catch them red-handed.

“A wife that allows her husband to have a Facebook account is crazy,” said Fatima Shaker, a housewife. Fatima suffered a lot because of her husband’s adventures with other women on Facebook. She said that she wished to delete his account. He promised her when he first joined the social network to use it the right way, but slowly it got out of control.ReadMore

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