Friday, May 28, 2010

Nazim, Ma. Eynaaz (First Non Muslim Maldivian) and his JIHAAD mission

Mohamed Nazim : It seems that Zakir Niak is going to be preaching on 27th in Carnival... I wonder what night club he is here to sell!!!!

Mohamed Nazim: I was told by someone that he doesn't want to go to a 'night club' full of wine and virgin women at the end of life when you can buy a ticket to Bangkok and do the same without compromising your lifestyle... I agree :p

ßeßßoo Shuhood: hey.. i have seen couple of his speeches n he is a person who answers to all the questions shouted at him. my idea why not we go there and ask him about this...also since when you became a fan of this guy? heheheh

Rizwana M Haleem: goodness!!!

Mohamed Nazim: Yes exactly Rizu... Gudunesu... what is wrong with these people... Why don't they just let people use your brains and think on their own rather than pushed into believe in "Ghaib" or what you cannot see or prove!!!!

Mohamed Nazim: Yes Shuhood. I intend to go there and I don't think I'll be quiet - this is too much

ßeßßoo Shuhood: i honestly dont find anything wrong with zakir.. most of his talks make sense to me ...

I still dont understand y u are so upset with this guy.

Fathmath Sheru: Yes ask questions by all means and keep your mind open. I hope you'll find them enlightening and manage to find faith.

Rizwana M Haleem: amen to that sheru!

Mohamed Nazim: I have faith and trust in my senses. When my senses are not convinced, my conscious fails to accept... simple logic???

Azmee Kalaminja: Bricka-bracka, firecracker, sis, boom, bah! Naxim, Naxim, Naxim, rah, rah, rah!way to go bro!

Ahmed Shabeeh: hahah

Hussain Maaniu: Happy Birthday bro! By the way, you must be in your early 50's now dho.

Verena Wiesbauer Ali: Nazim, I'll come with you! I have analyzed many of his speeches (not where he talks about religion, but about science), and found out he's cleverly hiding things he doesn't want the audience to know!!! Plus he directly lies - quoting books/authors that do not exist, interprets books in the wrong sense - well knowing that 99% of the audience would ... See Morenever double-check that!!! I would love to question him, but fear too much that I will be executed by the beardos in the country, so I guess I will rather shut up...

Azmee Kalaminja: that is exactly the problem dude. ppl who actually do their homework keep their mouths shut. pls don't. enough is enough. even the maldives media council also under their claws now. if i was in male' then i'ld surely join u guyz. start being vocal dude. save our country from these pathetic extremists.

Mohamed Nazim: Hey... I didn't know this guy was so crooked. I thought he really believed it!!! This is gonna be fun :D

Mohamed Nazim: These 'x-tree-mists' follow the Verses 2:216 & 2:244 from Quran, which makes war compulsory for Muslims against the 'infidels'. Conquer the world is the deed. Think about it.... Why do they make it compulsory for our children to learn all the historical wars and how successful Muslims were? Why do we teach our children that the best spot of 'night ... See Moreclub' is reserved for 'shaheeds' (martyrs) of religious warfare? Our children at the age of 6-10 has been brainwashed over so many years, its not surprising to see so many youth divert to fundamentalism as you see now. We brainwash them to become jihadis (to die for religion fighting against non-believers). It was cultivated and we are in the middle of it... we have to do something to stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akhmadh Naaxim: Almost all moderate muslims say that the xtremists are not good mulims, i wonder how they think, I think they are the best muslims thsy have the hight degree of faith, they are ready to kill there self for their god. they are the best most faithful muslims.

Akhmadh Naaxim: can a moderate muslim do that NO NO NO , they dont have that much faith in GOd.

Verena Wiesbauer Ali: @ Azmee: I would love to say something (as far as science is concerned, not religion). But I know what I'm gonna experience... "You European go home, don't try to disrupt our country... westerners are evil... bla bla bla..." I guess I wouldn't be able to live peacefully in this country, since I am easily recognizable... but still I encourage people to challenge him. Just browse a bit through youtube and you'll get his tactics...

Mohamed Nazim: @Azmee... Verena is a Marine Biologist. She is from Austria and living in Maldives married to a Maldivian.

Azmee Kalaminja: oh is she? coolu. and i wonder who Akhmadh Naaxim is. your bro?

Mohamed Nazim: Yeah he is my bro...

Call him to Islam

Maldivian who renounced Islam reverts

MALE, June 1, 2010 (HNS) – The Maldivian man who declared his “non-Muslim” status to the public during the Q&A session of a lecture given by Indian scholar Dr Zakir Naik Friday evening has reverted to Islam.

Mohamed Nazim, 38, repented and gave the ‘Shahaadha’ testimony before journalists at the Islamic Ministry Tuesday with a public apology.

“... And as that action was very much related to the feelings of all Maldivians, I believe that it was an agony for the Maldivian people. I deeply apologise for that to all the Maldivians. Along with that, I would like to say that the major misconceptions I had regarding Islam have been clarified. Therefore, I am now a Muslim. I want Maldivians to accept me as a Maldivian and as a child of this community,” he said.

Deputy Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Farooq said that Nazim reverted to Islam “on freewill.”

“He was in police custody. [But] the only thing we did was, we sent two scholars and counselled him. We tried clarifying the misconceptions he had about Islam…[After] two days of counseling, he said that the misconceptions he had have been clarified and that he wanted to become a Muslim,” he said.

The announcement was made in the media on Nazim’s request, Farooq added.“He announced that [his non-Muslim status] in front of media. So he believed that he should announce his reversion to Islam in front of media as well,” he added.

Nazim assured that he will not be “caught in an anti-religious influence,” Farooq noted, adding he felt remorse for the “grief” he brought on the Maldivians.Ahmed Jameel, media official of the ministry revealed that Nazim performed the sunset prayer Monday with the two scholars who counselled him.

A police media official, however, said he is still in police custody. A police decision will be revealed later, he added.

During the Q&A session of Naik’s lecture Nazim said although he was born to a practicing Muslim family and his parents taught him Islam, he was “struggling to believe in religions,” and asked Naik about his “verdict in Islam.”

Nazim’s question sparked comments of hatred from an angry crowd of around 11,000 with many calling to kill him and some attacking him before being taken into police custody. HAVEERU


  1. i like your approach ... at least ur not asking to behead him.. teach him explain..and bring him to the right path..that will be success to ur nation....calling for violence and killing will cause social unrest and more problem to ur society which has enough of it own problem..

    if he else still ignorant.. according to ur legislation he have no right to be in Maldives so deport him..

  2. your mind is so narrow. you cannot accept anything else. what kind of god is this?

  3. how can he be " MALDIVIAN" when he say "I AM NOT MUSLIM" PLs change ur heading

  4. މުސްލިމް ކުއްޖާMay 29, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    އޭނަ ގާތު ބުނެބަލަ މަ އޭނަ އަށް ކަލަކު ވާކަން ހެކި ދެއްކުމުގެ ބަދަލުގަ ކަލަކު ނުވާކަމުގެ އެއްވެސް ދަލީލެއް ދައްކަ ބަލާށޭ

  5. I just wonder why he needed to ask such a stupid question..... if he doesn't believe in any religion why did he need to know what his punishments was for his Apostasy! He just wanted to show his guts....wanted fame! but its sad that this cud lead our nation to a bad end... this just encourages any other non-muslims or atheists to talk more openly about their mis-led beliefs.. which will create controversies.... just take Anni as an example...its coz of him the maldivians started to act as pigs!

  6. i just think that there would be some powerful people behind his act (supporting). otherwise a normal typical Maldivian would not just challenge like this in a public speech, which was on LIVE.

    doesn't matter how well he can speak & understand English or how well educated

    "We have crated for Hell many of the jinn and humanity; they have hearts, but understand not with them; they have eyes, but perceive not with them; and they have ears, but they hear not with them. These are like cattle; nay, rather they are further astray! Those - they are the heedless." (Qur'an 7:126)

    Allah akabar .
    to him we all will return

  7. Verena Wiesbauer Ali "I wonder that you will teach your kids. Mr. Zakir naik is a very intellengent person "he talk all good". I wish you to burn in hell.

  8. well dont blame any goverment,,,,,ppl cudnt act like pigs due to maumoons rule..actually maumoon made them pigs..and anni released them...politicianz suckx.....nazim is 37,,, and current govermemt is 2 years old

  9. މުސްލިމް ކުއްޖާMay 30, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    ﷲ މަގު ދެއްކެވި އަޅަކަށް މަގު ފުރައްދާނެ ފަރާތެއް ނުވޭ އަދި މަގު ފުރެއްދެވި އަޅަކަށް މަގު ދައްކާނެ ފަރާތެއްވެސް ނުވޭ

  10. " Anonymous said...

    well dont blame any goverment,,,,,ppl cudnt act like pigs due to maumoons rule..actually maumoon made them pigs..and anni released them...politicianz suckx.....nazim is 37,,, and current govermemt is 2 years old "

    that guy is cool :) ;)