Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Killer who told police 'I want the death penalty' finally gets his wish with execution tonight nine years after he shot dead his girlfriend

A convicted killer will finally get his wish today when he is executed for shooting dead his girlfriend. Donnie Lee Roberts was headed to the Texas death chamber at 6pm Halloween night for fatally shooting Vicki Bowen and stealing from her East Texas home to finance his drug habit nine years ago. During his trial the jury were shown a videotaped confession in which he said: 'I want the death penalty'. The 41-year-old had dropped out of a Louisiana drug treatment program, violating his probation for a robbery conviction, when he was charged with killing 44-year-old Vicki Bowen. Authorities said she was shot for refusing Roberts' demand for money. Her slain body was found by a colleague when she failed to show up at work. She lay covered with a blanket, face down in a pool of blood, having been shot twice in the head. Roberts was arrested at a drug house in Livingston, about 75 miles northeast of Houston, when a truck he stole from Bowen's home near Livingston was spotted there. Read more huffingtonpost

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