Sunday, October 28, 2012

Briton stabbed trying to save his 21-year-old girlfriend from biker gang sex attack in Thai beach resort

A young British tourist has told of the moment he was repeatedly stabbed by a gang of youths as he tried to save his girlfriend from a pack sex attack in Thailand. Jack Cole and April Clifton, both 21 from Bath, were enjoying a romantic stroll towards a boat pier in Ao Nang, in southern Thailand, when the motorcycle gang pounced from nearby shadows. The laughing thugs grabbed April, clawing at her clothes, before Jack jumped to her defence. But the armed youths then turned on him, puncturing his face and body with a flurry of stabs, before they fled into the night leaving Jack to die in a pool of blood. Luckily a passing British tourist heard Jack's cries for help and called paramedics to the idyllic beach resort. 'It was a calculated attack,' Jack said from the Bangkok-Phuket hospital today. 'They drove past us several times checking us out. We thought they had gone but they came out of the shadows and attacked April.' 'They laughed as they grabbed April as a mob. There were seven of them. Four men and three girls. I knocked the guy down who had grabbed April and then they crowded around me and I thought they were punching me.Read more

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