Friday, June 18, 2010

Hilath Rasheed:"Goodbye Male' forever"

( Basnaahaa Hilath )

Hilath Rasheed: A message to my sister

Hilath Rasheed: My parents should understand that the world doesn't work ONLY according to THEIR interpretation of the Quran. Hope my family & this society will understand & tolerate Ubaid. Heck even I dont understand STRICT HOMOSEXUALITY but I tolerate the unknown.

Hilath Rasheed: I have requested to move out. Things between me & my parents will definitely end today - one way or another. Hopefully happy. Stay stunned.

Shehe Abdulla : i'm sorry!

Hilath Rasheed: Don't worry. Everything's taken care of! A close friend has come to my rescue: I may be leaving to an uninhabited island as early as Saturday and may never come back :)

Shehe Abdulla: you??????????????? at least hoping that you're taking your laptop and a w modern anywhere that to go!

Hilath Rasheed: A close friend has come to my rescue: I may be leaving to an uninhabited island as early as Saturday and may never come back :)

David Hardingham : make sure its got good surf and let me know ;)

Hilath Rasheed: always welcome :)

Hilath Rasheed: It doesn't matter now. I've just bought a one-way ticket to the ferry that will take me to the atoll in which the uninhabited island is situated.
I will be leaving on Saturday and hopefully never coming back.
The Caretaker of the island has promised to ensure my full privacy and prevent any unpleasant elements from disturbing me.
I maybe coming to Male' occasionally on "official and business matters" like going to the bank, but I will largely remain out of touch except for my business partners and my family and the Caretaker of the island.
I'm glad I'm finally able to divorce myself from the Crazy, Congested and Concrete Jungle that is the capital Male' that is driving fellow youth to insanity and madness. Hope they find their inner peace through their own means as I have tried personal happiness through my own means.
At this time I am extremely grateful to the Caretaker, who is also a personal friend for being there always for me at ALL times. May God bless him and his family for all times to come. Amen.
May the rest of the Male' youth also find such good friends and emotional support, wherever it comes from, in whatever way it comes from (as the message of the Neil Jordan movie THE CRYING GAME seems to be).
So, here's another Jake Sully, going on a Robinson Crusoe journey, to an uninhabited, largely unknown island in a not-so-famous atoll -- on a Castaway journey to find himself and finally come to terms with himself and be at peace with himself, his Creator and the Universe at large.Peace.-Hilath-

Mohamed AzMyst Hursheed: Uninhabited island? Isn't that illegal? Besides, how long can you survive without internet and HD Movies?

Ahmed Gaveem Ali: two seconds.

Mohamed AzMyst Hursheed: hahah! Well, good luck man.

Ahmed Gaveem Ali: We'll miss you. Hope you start feeling bored in a couple of months. =)

Hilath Rasheed: I Will Survive I Will Survive *gets hit by LOL*

Hilath Rasheed: Goodbye Male' forever

Aminath Sulthona: now i know why i always look up at the sky when riding behind a bike. the opening through those tiny little houses make me feel like im still breathing. i am really happy for you that your finally going to the falhurah. its going to be so peaceful there. good luck keep in touch.. will miss you though.

Transcendmaldives: Hilath told me today after the suicidal letter: “Today I’m not in a tolerating mood. For thirty years I’ve remained chaste because of my parents’ Wahhabism. I don’t think I’m going to waste the next 30 years like that. Enough is enough, I told my parents today.
I told them I will not negotiate. That if they wish, if they get disturbed and uncomfortable by my presence and my behavior (though I have never even ever thought of even fucking a man in my sitting room in front of my family or the Artificial Beach where everybody seems to gather to show and enjoy each other's Huge Egos!), then I will be willing to go to my mom’s old home.
Otherwise, within the next three months, I’m going to either commit suicide (which is easy without pain with a heroin injection) or I will go to an uninhabited island. "


  1. Poor boy!
    Hillath, how did you get in to Homo? Just leave it, otherwise it will Destroy you.
    Just try a girl, as you did in your teenage. Marriage is beautiful. Don’t loose hope.
    There will be some one for you.
    “Kondugaivaa komme galakan maheh vane”
    Your Teenage Friend

  2. Hilath!! how pathetic. looks like youve got a loose screw.

  3. Today's Big News: Our (in)famous Hill..., leader of the MSM (Maldivian Sodomite Movement), has been found unconcious in an uninhabited island... Now that tells something about these pathetic people.

  4. ey siru... pray to god that your son doesn't become like hilath!! if you have any!