Monday, September 19, 2011

Miniskirt ban at San Jose school also applies to cheerleader uniforms

Here's a chant guaranteed to dampen the next pep rally: The new miniskirts for San Jose's Piedmont Hills High cheerleading squad are too R-I-S-Q-U-E!

Intent on cracking down on miniskirts, the high school's principal has decided the cheer squad's new uniforms also have no place in school.

Instead, said Principal Traci Williams, the cheerleaders must cover up with sweats to wear their uniforms during school।

A Former Cheerleader Says, Don't Let Today's Cheerleaders Wear Their Short Skirts to स्छूल

I was a cheerleader in high school. I wore the short skirt complete with black shiny nylon briefs (we called them "spankies," for God's sake) over my underwear to school, to class, usually three days a week, for all four years of high school and two years of junior high. I was a cheerleader every damn year, forever and ever. And when I heard that a high school banned its own cheerleaders' short skirts from class, I was happy about it.

Not for the reason you'd think.

Are the skirts these days obscenely short? Yes. I really do think they are in the context of class, when you have to sit in a desk and people are like two inches away from you. It's really hard to sit comfortably without showing more than you want to in a cheerleading skirt. Especially the newer ones without pleats. The end.

I always thought it was totally stupid that cheerleaders had to wear their uniforms to school, but I never really thought about it until now.

None of the sports teams wore their uniforms to school in my high school. I'm pretty sure they don't today, either. Why make the cheerleaders do it? Or better -- why LET them even if they want to?READMORE

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