Monday, August 23, 2010

A communist atheist is claiming that fasting is harmful

Tom Burns of the Columbia School of Journalism says: I regard fasting as an experience which is deeply spiritual more than physical. Despite the fact that I started to fast with the aim of losing excess weight, I realized that fasting is very beneficial for the mind. It helps me to see with greater clarity and to develop new thoughts and to focus my feelings. Within only a few days of starting my fast in the spa I began to feel that I was passing through a very spiritual experience.

In the twentieth century a number of books appeared in America and Europe which spoke of the medical benefits of fasting. There was Treating sickness by fasting by Shelton; Medical Fasting: The Ideal Nutritional System by Alan Coutt; Fasting, the Elixir of Life by Enrique Tanner; Return to a Healthy Life through Medical Fasting by Watzener.

The Swiss doctor Barcellus wrote:

The benefit of hunger as a remedy is many times better than using medicines. Doctor Helb used to forbid his patients to eat for several days, then he would offer them light meals. In general, fasting plays a role in destroying the worn-out tissues at the time of hunger, then rebuilds them when food is ingested. This is the reason why some scientists, including Pashutin, regard fasting as a means of restoring youth. Read More

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